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Tim D. is an avid walking golfer and an expert in electric golf caddies.  He has conducted research on the market and has studied the various carts on the market.  Over the years, he bought many electric push carts in search of the perfect cart but wasn't satisfied with any that he had found.  Tim became successful by keeping the bar high and not accepting less than perfection.   When it comes to electric push carts, Tim is the man to go to.  He approached long time friend, engineer and serial entrepreneur Paul H. and asked him to come up with the perfect electric push cart. 

After researching the market, Paul came up with a cart that finally passed Tim's performance, durability and high quality requirements.  Paul noticed that the current carts on the market lacked a quality hard walled cooler for refreshments between holes and a bluetooth speaker option for younger minded golfers so that they could enjoy some music on the course.  And so the Super E-Caddy was born. 

The Super E as we call it does 27 holes on one charge.  It tracks straight.  It can be thumbwheel controlled or used with the remote.  It has a built in seat for taking a break, a 6 pack cooler for drinks and lunch,  and an umbrella, scorecard and ball holder.  The seat has plenty of space inside for your wallet, cell phone, money, car keys, etc. The Super-E has a full 1 year warranty and we offer service capability for anything out of warranty. 

If you love to walk, let the Super E-Caddy carry your bag.  Best of all the Super E doesn't discuss politics, get in a bad mood, talk back or tell you when you  are using the wrong club. 

Super E-Caddy

  • "Frank C., Fayetteville, NC"

    Was looking on the internet for an option to carrying my bag on a walking course.  Came across the Super E-Caddy.  I need something very heavy duty as I play a lot.  I was a bit doubtful before buying that the caddy would make it a full 18 holes.  But I play 27 holes last weekend and the Super E held up like a champ. Good job Super E ! 

  • " Joe G, Secaucus, NJ"

    I love to play golf and walking the course keeps me in good shape.  But carrying the bag or pushing the golf cart around gets old fast.  Then my wife bought me a Super E-Caddy.  Now I can do 18 holes of golf with energy to spare for that 19th hole with the guys.  Thank you E-caddy. 

  • " Roy S., Vero Beach, Fl'

    I bought a Super –E online from Motogolf.  I was very impressed with the built in cooler that comes with the caddy.  I had a problem with one of the wheels and I called their customer Service line and spoke with Tim.  Tim was very friendly and helpful and sent the replacement wheel out the same day.  I love when the owner of a small company answers the phone himself, is knowledgeable and gets the problem fixed quickly.  Thank you Tim. 

  • "Paul C., Newport RI"

    I was looking for a remote controlled push cart that was built like a tank and had room for a 6 pack of beer.  Also, I wanted a seat so I can rest between holes.  I searched online and found Superecaddy.com. I considered lighter models from other manufacturers but with lightweight comes fragility.  My super E Caddy arrived and had a full hard walled cooler and a pop-down seat just like I wanted.  So far I have played 30 rounds of golf with it and I am 100% in love with my Super E-Caddy. 

  • "James L., Hartford. CT"

    I hate carrying a golf bag.  But I love to walk.  Ordered a Super E-Caddy online and I have to say I couldn’t be happier.  I was a little nervous about buying from a lesser known brand, but I really loved the cooler and seat that comes free with the cart.  I must say it’s the best decision I have made this year. 

  • "Ray B., Annapolis, MD"

    I considered at least 6 different robotic push carts before finally deciding on the Super E Caddy.  The Super E is the only one that had a cooler, bluetooth speakers and a seat for resting.  Its a little heavy but the added durability is worth the few extra pounds.  Took it out 9 times already and I am completely happy with my purchase.  When I had some technical questions, I was able to get the owner of the company on the phone right away and he was very knowledgeable. 

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