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PGM Golf Expansion Bag, Retractable Ball Bag, Telescopic Air Bag

PGM Golf Expansion Bag, Retractable Ball Bag, Telescopic Air Bag

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PGM Golf Expansion Bag - 2021 Retractable Ball Bag


  • Patented Retractable Ball Cap: Simple structure with convenient operation.
  • New Ball Cap Lock: Prevents squeezing clubs during transportation.
  • Quiet Shock Absorption: Wear-resistant, durable, and easy to tow.
  • Multi-functional Ball Retractable Bag Cap: Large storage space, 6 TEE positions, and a zipper mesh bag.
  • FREE Dust and Rain Cover: Protects from pollution with rain and sun damage prevention, dust blocking, and scratch prevention.
  • Anti-Collision Rod Hole: Thicker material reduces the risk of club collision.
  • Independent Water Storage Bag: Holds two 500ml bottles with heat preservation.
  • YKK + Custom Lock: Security with YKK explosion-proof zippers and a custom lock.
  • Independent Sneaker Compartment: Separate shoe storage layer for cleanliness and easy changes.
  • Stabilize the Bottom of the Bag: Reinforced case and stable center of gravity for optimal club protection.


  • Box: 40cm x 29cm x 92cm
  • Wheels Diameter: 7cm (Back), 4.5cm (Front)
  • Product: 33cm x 46cm x 91cm (Expanded height: 126cm)

Additional Details:

  • Feature: Four-Wheel Sliding/Braking
  • Colour: Black/Dark Blue/Rose-Red/Red/Gray/Light-Blue
  • Item No: QB081
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