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Super E Caddy

Super E Caddy Pro Remote

Super E Caddy Pro Remote

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Experience unparalleled convenience on the golf course with the wireless remote control of the Super E Caddy Pro. This state-of-the-art remote is designed to offer you full command of your electric golf cart from up to 75 yards away, ensuring your equipment is always within reach, no matter where your ball lands. With its intuitive design, the remote allows you to effortlessly navigate your caddy across the terrain with functions for moving forward, reversing, turning left or right, and stopping. Additionally, the remote features variable speed control and three programmed speeds, enabling you to customize the pace of your caddy to match your walking speed or the course's layout. The set distance function allows for automatic movement to predetermined locations, offering hands-free convenience as you focus on your game. Compact, user-friendly, and powerful, the Super E Caddy Pro's remote control transforms your golfing experience, providing ease and efficiency with the touch of a button.

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